Luthier web

Tailor-made websites made with passion, taking care of every detail. The making of the unheard of. Because each project is unique, with its own sound, aimed at a specific audience… +

WordPress tailor made

WordPress projects start from a solid base: stable, scalable, with a powerful editor, and with the basic functions included. This allows me to develop 100% customised solutions with reasonable timings and costs, without giving up any functionality. +

Online shops

WooCommerce provides all the necessary machinery for shops without compromising creativity. I make custom themes for online shops, websites with sales, or develop plugins with a specific functionality, such as Fish and Ships for calculationg shipping rates. +

Web layout + JS

I am also a craftsman of web layout and front-end programming. Only in this way I can make sure that the project is fine-tuned and conveys all the sensations to the public… in the workshops we call it UX/UI, using tools such as HTML, JavaScript… +

Online communication

And if your project needs the whole band, we meet when necessary to play together: creativity, design, content, communication, social networks, SEO, digital marketing/SEM… +


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